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Business Today Is Digital

How much of your business now relies on your online platforms?

As a business operating today, our websites, Social Media profiles, pages and groups not only bring in customers but sell our products and in many cases deliver customer service.

The customer experience may depend on how our online platforms behave. Speed, consistency and response now matter!

Of course, it’s fantastic that we can now sell our products and services online, but all of the gizmo’s and integrations which make it possible need to sync together.

Speed is now king if everything is going to gel and your customers and prospects are going to stay on your website long enough to make the call or press the buy it now button.

If stuff breaks, can you imagine bouncing between experts and service providers juggling responses and trying out different suggestions to find out what’s gone wrong?

When you work with Stormchasers Digital, the buck stops with us. Even if the people you currently work with are scattered all over the globe, we will liaise with them, gather it all in and sort it out.

You don’t even have to move everything over to us.

One solution and one port of call. No excuses. No passing the buck.

Call us on 01634 566321 or email [email protected] for help with WordPress, Google Analytics, WordPress Managed Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Local Search anything else you have online that needs managing!

Digital Management?

Erm – What Is Digital Management?

Very good question.  For ages, we were calling ourselves Digital Marketers – well it was all the rage!  You know the sort of thing – loads of strategy and all that.  After a while we realised that people were coming to us because their stuff didn’t work – websites had become glacial, tag managers weren’t properly integrated, they needed a new theme, or they couldn’t get hold of their existing hosting provider.

These problems aren’t just about marketing strategy; it’s problem-solving with a load of techie analytics knowledge and experience behind it.

Of course, we know about creating marketing strategies, and we can point you in the right direction, but we just love solving your WordPress and analytics problems.

How Can You Help Me?

We are happy to tackle whatever digital problem you bring us and our core areas of experience are:

WordPress, WordPress Speed, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and WordPress Managed Hosting.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics integrating with social media profiles

Search Engine Optimisation and Local Search

Facebook Ads

Social Media posting and measurement, Social Media follower management and reporting

Email and newsletter publication and measurement

Event Management

Who We Work With

digital-managersWe can work with you as the business owner directly, but we are also approached by web developers and marketers who need specialist support.

Either way, we are happy.  If you deliver web or marketing related services, we can liaise with you whilst you keep the contact with your client.

We can even white label products and services for you.  Measure if your blog posts are titillating the search engines.  If they aren’t then you have the information you need to make improvements. If the search engines love your writing, why not pass on the proof of your success to your client.  It’s a win-win situation for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some things are easy to give you a price for, such a setting up websites and reporting.  We have some packages for you to pick from so there is no confusion at all. Where there is a lot of discovery, research and fiddling needed then we will give you a minimum and maximum price so you can make a decision about whether to proceed or possible start your project over from scratch.  The important thing is that you know where you stand and there are no nasty surprises.

Where there is a lot of discovery, research and fiddling needed then we will give you a minimum and maximum price so you can make a decision.  The important thing is that you know where you stand and there are no nasty surprises.

The important thing is to ask!  Seriously, so many people are embarrassed to ask how much it will cost.  Maybe they won’t have the budget – well that’s ok but until you ask you won’t know.

If we can point you in the right direction to get it sorted out cheaper, or sometimes for free, then we will. But you do have to pick up the phone, email us, fill in the form – just do something.

“The team at Stormchasers are incredibly helpful. They understand that your business online is important to your income and life and so make every effort to work with you quickly and efficiently and in my experience go above and beyond. Not only are they fast and professional but really friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Mark, Sian and team to anyone especially within the creative industries looking to take their business online. Or any businesses wanting to grow their business through digital media.”

Lucy Hall , Founder of Social Day

“Sian has been working with our business for approx 4 years and during that time, Sian has helped us to grow our business and individually be more confident. Sian is a terrific mentor to us both and really motivates you to think about what you are doing, where you want the business to go and how to get there. We have had excellent advice on how to market our business, sell ourselves, social media, business planning, researching ideas, and radio promotion and lots more. Sian goes that extra mile and we are so grateful for everything she has done for our business.” Allyson and Zoe – The Declutter Divas – The Hoarder Next Door as seen on Channel 4 TV

The Declutter Divas , (Channel 4 - The Hoarder Next Door)

“I didn’t know I needed Sian! I was looking for someone to help with the social media element of my business. Experts in this field are popping up all over the place and I came across Sian by accident and then others recommended her. We’ve done so much together, I’m enjoying the ride and Sian and Mark have taken my business to new heights, taught me how to create my own blogs and articles for maximum impact and then they post it all over social media quite effortlessly. They’ve always gone above and beyond their remit”.

Kathryn Colas, Simply Hormones