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I'm a bit of a geek really! I'm a certified Google Analytics, Google AdWords Consultant and Google My Business Specialist, my strong IT background started some years before during my time spent in the British Army, I've also worked on Unix, Novell, Microsoft and Macintosh.Call me at the office on 01634 566321 or if you're close by why not call in for a coffee
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3 Essential WordPress Plugins For Artists

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3 Essential WordPress Plugins For Artists This year Stormchasers Digital is sponsoring the Publishing Category of The Kent Creative Awards, mainly because we believe that no matter how fab your creations unless they can be shared online, there really will be a limit to how far your business can move forward. Even if

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Google Optimize

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Google Optomize is Coming In September 2016 Google announced the upcoming release of Google Optimize to all Google Analytics account holders. This tool allows you to test different marketing ideas on your website and then deploy which works the best.  This video, from Google explains about Google Analytics 360 Suite, the bit about Google

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Google Apps For Work


As the guest expert for August 2016 on The Women In Business Radio Show on 18 August I talked about using Google Apps For Work and specifically how if your team is split you can all work on one document at the same time and have just one version saved.  This is compared to the

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Brilliant! Google Gives Us An Analytics Demo Account

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Most people will feel absolute fear at the idea of setting up Google Analytics on an eCommerce store just to learn GA enhanced eCommerce. The demo account gives you data from a real source, the Google Merchandise Store, so that means that there is data and special reports to play with that you might not have,

Airspace Software Limited

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Airspace Software install state of the art booking software on an individual basis into the systems of hotels, campsites and holiday parks across the UK.  The software works a treat, hands down, and members of the hospitality industry already sing its praises.  However, Airspace weren't sitting back, they wanted to take it to the next

Kent Creative Live


This is another example of working with the WordPress platform a client already has but adding in some expert functionality. Kent Creative Live is an organisation that works with hundreds of artists across Kent and provides collaboration, networking and business training and support.  They were happy with their website but wanted to add in a

ABI Safety Services


ABI Safety approached us to help them sort out their website.  This is a service we don't promote, but the word is spreading and an increasing number of people need to have their WordPress websites revamped. It's not a case of chucking the whole thing out and starting again but rather more sorting out a

The Innovation Centre, Medway


The Innovation Centre is the flagship office complex for businesses. It's an incubator for developing small business who are approaching their operation with the innovative approach Medway has identified as being critical for success in today's economic climate. All organisations need to be mindful of their reputation, but for a local authority, this is especially

Social Day


Lucy Hall is a Social Media Consultant and Social Media Coach who founded the amazing Social Day organisation for small businesses to help them get to grips with their social media.  She also supports Mums' who want to work from home whilst their children are young by helping other businesses to manage their social media.