A Few Of Our Clients 2017-04-24T15:35:09+00:00

Meet a few of our clients!

  • Airspace Software Limited

    Airspace Software install state of the art booking software on an individual basis into the systems of hotels, campsites and holiday parks across the UK.  The software works a treat, hands down, and members of

  • Kent Creative Live

    This is another example of working with the WordPress platform a client already has but adding in some expert functionality. Kent Creative Live is an organisation that works with hundreds of artists across Kent and

  • ABI Safety Services

    ABI Safety approached us to help them sort out their website.  This is a service we don't promote, but the word is spreading and an increasing number of people need to have their WordPress websites

  • The Innovation Centre, Medway

    The Innovation Centre is the flagship office complex for businesses. It's an incubator for developing small business who are approaching their operation with the innovative approach Medway has identified as being critical for success in

  • Social Day

    Lucy Hall is a Social Media Consultant and Social Media Coach who founded the amazing Social Day organisation for small businesses to help them get to grips with their social media.  She also supports Mums'

  • The Menopause Lady

    We've been working with Kathryn Colas for over 3 years and in that time we've helped her build websites, manage her social media and develop membership systems so she can deliver her content to people

  • The Declutter Divas

    We just love supporting the Declutter Divas because their clients are absolutely lovely.  Their client base is drawn from all walks of life, business people, home bods, mums, dads, grannies. Sometimes, the clients are the

We are so proud of the people we work with.  We are even prouder that many of our clients have been with us since we started out – and they are still with us.

We don’t do contracts, which means our clients stick with us because they want to, not because they have to.

This is just a hand full, and if you would like to chat to any of them, just let us know and we can connect you.