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Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe, Visible, Speedy and Legal.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet, powering over 15 million websites. WordPress can not only run your website, it can run your business! The millions of Plugins (coded applications) which can be bolted onto a site can do everything from run a shopping cart, take bookings and manage your events to letting you run a network of websites, discussion forums and directory listings for 1,000’s of people in a community.

Much of WordPress’s success is because it is open source software which means that anyone can access the code and develop themes and plugins. It is this diversity which also means your WordPress website needs maintenance and updating to keep it secure from hackers who are also able to access the coding and to keep all of the different elements working harmoniously.

The WordPress main coding, or Core, is usually updated every few weeks and the best plugins and themes will be amended by their developers to keep up. These amendments then need to be implemented on your website by carrying out updates.

Also, not all of the themes and plugins are updated by their developers to keep up with the WordPress Core updates, and not all of them are coded well enough in the first place to keep your WordPress website slick. Sometimes, even though everything is coded properly, conflicts can arise between different plugins which can stop your site working altogether.

There are three troublesome consequence of not keeping your website’s WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins updated. Firstly the site can become very slow to load, preventing visitors reaching your information, and Google also penalises slow sites; parts or all of your website can stop working and your site becomes vulnerable to hackers who do anything from taking down your site to covering it in information about viagra.

Keeping everything updated and in sync, making sure you have the latest most appropriate plugins, optimising images and keeping your website free of malware is a regular but necessary function and our hosting and maintenance services manage this for you.

Plus, we make sure all of the legalities are in place as well.

Basically, anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to do all of the techie back end stuff for their WordPress website

Which package is right for you depends on how critical your website is to your business.  At the basic level, in the unlikely event that your website was down, the impact on your business could be minimal.

At the other end of the scale, if your website IS your business, such as with a large e-commerce site, then any downtime is critical and could cost thousands. So it’s about horses for courses without over-egging the pudding.

There is also the issue of complexity. Think of a basic WordPress website as being like a pushbike – there are fewer moving parts, and hardly anything particularly tricky or bespoke to go wrong.  Maintenance is at a minimum and a small boy with a puncture repair kit and some knowledge about security are probably enough.

However, an eCommerce WordPress Website is more like a car with an engine management system and lots of moving parts that all need to be kept up to date with each other.  This is much more time intensive and needs a greater level of expertise and gadgets to keep it all going. There is definitely specialist knowledge needed now.

No.  Our clients are with us because they like what they do, not because they’re stuck with us.

The key bits of a WordPress website you must keep maintained and updated are the WordPress core software; the software that runs your theme and the plugins software.

Let’s think of it like a tent – the WordPress Core Software is the poles that provide the structure to hold it all up; the WordPress Theme is the canvass that goes over the top to make it look nice; the plugins build in extras to help protect it from spam along with extra functions, like social media integrations, directories and image galleries – there are hundreds of thousands of plugins developed and all by different people!

These 3 elements, the WordPress Core, the Theme and the Plugins software all have to play nicely together.  The WordPress core updates regularly and on an ad-hoc basis, often to plug security breaches.  The Theme and the Plugins then have to be updated as well so it all works together.

Simply put the more visitors you have to your website, the more bandwidth you need and the more content and workings your website has, the more disc space it will need in GB to store it all.  So more plugins, images, videos, speciality tools like event management, e-commerce, logins and all that bumf needs more storage.

The best thing to do is to call us for a chat on 01634 566321 because we can have a look at your website and tell you what you already have used in terms of storage and give you a better idea of likely costs moving forwards.

There is a more in-depth article which explains some of the terms here


For specialist WordPress hosting we use WPEngine who have UK based servers and also the excellent service and support we expect for us and our clients.

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Who Is This For?




(Times are BST)
£99 setup and then £29 per month
1 GB and under 1,000 visitors per month

Brochure websites showing people what you do and how to contact you. Traffic comes from your online profiles, people you have met and Google and Directory listings.
Set up includes security checks, security implementation and a performance report

Monthly Maintenance includes updates to WordPress Core, Plugins, Security and Data-files
Monthly Performance, Security, safety and details of what has been updated.* 24/7 Ticket Submission
* Host Live Chat 9am - 6pm Mon - Sat
* Phone support 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri
Performance 1
£99 Setup and then £49 pm
2GB and up to 10,000 visitors per month

Websites with a blog and gallery pages with images. Traffic is being driven to the website by pointing people to blog posts, social media posts. There may be landing pages and some conversion with limited payment features such as PayPal buttons.
Set-up - as above PLUS speed optimisation and plugin audit

Monthly Maintenance - as above PLUS

* A clone of your website
* Staging Site
* SSL Certificate
* CDN (Content Distribution Network)
As above PLUS

SEO basic report for 10 keywords
As above PLUS
* 0.5 hours repair time included - this can be used for amending themes and plugins conflicts and reconfiguration such as menu’s dropping out, which naturally arise when updating,
* 24/7 Host Chat Support
Performance 2
£197 pm
2GB and up to 10,000 visitors per month

Websites now incorporating payment gateways and other functions such as directories. Active traffic generation and the website is an integral part of the business generating leads and/or sales.
Set-up - as above PLUS speed optimisation and plugin audit

Monthly Maintenance - as above
As above PLUS

* Uptime monitoring
* SEO advanced reporting
* Broken Links report
As above PLUS
2 hours repair time included to remedy plugin and theme conflicts, malware infections, image optimisation, speed optimisation, broken links repair etc
Performance 3
£225 pm
10GB and up to 20,000 Visitorsas AboveAs Aboveas Above
Performance Multi
Set up Price Dependant on No. of sites and complexity
£297 pm
20GB and up to 100,000 visitors per month

Add another 9 websites (hosting only on additional sites and total size and visitors within the above parameters)
As AboveAs AboveAs Above

(Additional time can be added to allow for maintenance to additional websites)

The key elements needed to maintaining your WordPress Website are included in our maintenance package described in the table below.

Of course, there may be times when third-party integrations (such as payment gateways, email marketing software) do things which are beyond all of our control and extra intervention is needed to keep it all working.  Often this can be accommodated by jiggling around with the tech time we have included, but occasionally we may need to charge you for additional work.

We will always tell you first; give you our best advice about how long it will take; and, charge you by the minute.

Costs For Additional Works

All works charged by the minute pro-rata at the hourly rate
No repair work will be carried out without you being notified before we start
Repair remedial and development works £75 per hour
Emergency call out 7pm-7am BST £295 for 1st hour and £195 subsequent out of hours work
Content Management £55 per hour (uploading blog posts, pages, images, and publishing posts, etc)
Content Curation £55 per hour
Retainer £195 pm including 1-hour work and subsequent hours pre-bookable £75 per hour.  Your project will be started in 3 days and with the shortest possible completion time
All prices are net of VAT

If this is the first time we have worked on your WordPress website, there is likely to be hygiene, cleansing and optimising needed to make it secure, fast and optimised for your visitors best experience.  For the cheaper monthly packages, we charge a one-off set up cost for this.

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