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wordpress theme updates

If you feel that your WordPress website is looking a bit old and tired, or your business or core services have changed and your WordPress site needs to reflect this, a new look can be as simple as just doing a WordPress theme update.

To load up your new theme and fully integrate the look and feel as you want it, guide price from £600, this obviously depends on the complexity of the construction of your website.

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WordPress Theme Updates

Need a new look and feel?

If you feel your WordPress website doesn’t reflect your business or that your business is changing direction and the website doesn’t show this, there’s no reason to start again, you just need a WordPress Theme Update.  That’s the beauty of WordPress we can just revamp the window display and keep the shop open, so to speak.


No.  WordPress stores all your pages and posts in a database and this is not part of the theme.

A WordPress theme update is a bit like painting the windows of your house white instead of black.  On the outside the house looks different but its still the same house.

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