ABI Safety approached us to help them sort out their website.  This is a service we don't promote, but the word is spreading and an increasing number of people need to have their WordPress websites revamped.

It's not a case of chucking the whole thing out and starting again but rather more sorting out a better theme, adding in great plugins, speeding it up with some image optimisation and maybe a more user-friendly layout.

When ABI approached us, their website had already been built but had broken links, missing content, the sliders and images were on the wrong pages and ABI felt their website wasn't representing the top notch professional services their clients experienced with them.

We established the existing theme was up to date, had good support and was well coded and so were able to use the theme that had already been installed. We reconfigured, reorganised and optimised the content to deliver an enhanced customer experience and showcase their business.

We also took over the hosting for them and have been managing their website for over a year now.

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