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We love solving problems and believe in thinking differently.

We know that fast websites, analytics, online search and conversion really don't have to be a mystery.

They just need to be explained properly and stuff needs to be measured so you know what's working.

A strategy is great, we all need a strategy, but the strategy is pointless if no-one can see the damn thing.

What We Do

Digital Management - making it all work. The techie stuff.

WordPress specialist hosting, care and management, through to all of the shiny objects you can integrate. If it's online we can repair and manage it for you, even when no-one else will.

We understand strategy and design and are connected with fabulous marketers, branders and designers and we'll introduce you and project manage if you want.


How We Do It

We don't expect you to come to us knowing what the problem is. That's our job.

No sucking through our teeth.

No jargon. No pulling the wool over your eyes.

No contracts.  Our clients stay because they want to, and we can charge by the minute, retainer, care plans or lump sum.  Your choice.

We explain things in your language until you get it, and we answer the phone

Nothing dodgy. You can't game Google.

Stormchasers Digital Team


Stormchasers are a Digital Management team headed up by husband and wife Mark Jennings and Sian Murphy.

They specialise in problem-solving and people often come to them because stuff doesn’t work.

Whatever your problem, they will tackle it and this is all against a backdrop of solid marketing experience and the skills to apply the analytics and metrics for you.

After all, there’s no marketing without measurement.

Whatever you need, just give them a call because the team is always happy to help.  If they can’t sort it out, they we will know someone who can.


Stormchasers partner with, and sponsor, organisations within their local business community as well as globally.

The general philosophy of the founders is there is enough business out there for everyone; what goes around comes around; and, if you can't do it brilliantly, then pass it onto someone who can.


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Connect With Sian

Sian Murphy Host of The Women In Business Radio Show Colour

Sian Murphy is a radio show host for The Women In Business Radio show, publisher and writer.  She also works one to one with business owners to help them market and grow. Loves Twitter.

Connect With Mark

Mark Jennings Profile Google

Mark Jennings is a Google Certified geek, WordPress Manager, problem solver and an all round tech person.  He speaks about, teaches and implements Google Analytics for marketers and their clients.