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WordPress vs Wix comparison article

WordPress vs Wix 2017

By Mark Jennings | Aug 31, 2017

There is a lot of noise online around the difference between a website builder like Wix and WordPress, and we don’t want to just add to it. What we’ve done in this post is pick what we think is the best article out there because it deftly outlines the different features of WIX vs WordPress…

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Getting The Information You Need Out of Google Analytics

By Mark Jennings | Aug 22, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask Google Analytics for the information that you need to make your business decisions?  Well, you are going to be able to very soon. There Is Just So Much Information, I Don’t Know Where To Start Sometimes trying to wade through all the information that is available within…

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How To Write A Case Study

How To Write A Case Study For Your Business Website

By Mark Jennings | Jul 25, 2017

Would you like a framework to help you show your potential clients how you work, what you do and perhaps why they should buy your services? This can be such a tricky thing to do, especially if you’re fed up writing ‘I‘ or We‘ as in I Do This, We Do That, We’re Really Great!…

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How To Get Started With Google Analytics

Getting Started With Google Analytics

By Mark Jennings | Jul 24, 2017

Here we have the real basics for you to get started with Google Analytics. We focus on WordPress and that makes it so much easier to integrate Google Analytics into your website because instead of pasting the code from your Google Analytics account into every single page, you can download a plugin, add your code…

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Are You In The Google Index

Are You In The Google Index?

By Mark Jennings | Jul 24, 2017

The first step to getting found online is making sure you are in the Google Index. Being in the Google Index is like having your card in the catalogue index of a library so that when someone goes searching for what your book (or to be specific, web page) is about, you are at least…

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Do I Need An SSL Certificate

What Is An SSL Certificate And Do I Need One?

By Mark Jennings | Jun 28, 2017

This video and the information below it explain what SSL is, how it works, and why you would want to have one. Here’s the gobbledygook Explanation Of What An SSL Certificate Is An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the…

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Buy A Domain Name Post

10 Key Points To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name

By Mark Jennings | Jun 6, 2017

So, you need to get your first domain name. It’s time to set up your first website and it’s an exciting time, but what should you consider before you buy your domain name? 1. Domain Names Are Mostly Cheap They range from $1 and so any mistake doesn’t have to be a disaster. Domain names…

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WordPress Hosting Geek

What Would Happen If Your Web Guy Got Hit By A Bus?

By Mark Jennings | May 1, 2017

It’s highly unlikely your WordPress web developer will actually get hit by a bus if only because they rarely, if ever, leave their desk! But seriously, what would happen to your WordPress website if the geek who currently looks after it for you didn’t answer their phone? This really does happen to business owners who hadn’t given…

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Slow WordPress Site Speed Can Affect Your Business

Does It Really Matter If My Website Is Slow?

By Sian Murphy | Dec 6, 2016

Assessing The Impact Of A Slow WordPress Site On Your Business   Did you know that your WordPress site speed can affect how visitors interact with your website? If you think of how you use the web this makes sense.  We have become very impatient when we are online and we want everything NOW! So how…

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