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SSL Security Vs Website Security

SSL Security VS Website Security “…Hope is a pleasant acquaintance, but an unsafe friend.” Thomas Chandler Haliburton So, Is SSL Security The Same As Website Security? Not exactly. Let’s start at the beginning with how we normally get asked to sort out a website which is insecure… This is a typical telephone conversation… ‘Can you […]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Here we have the real basics for you to get started with Google Analytics. We focus on WordPress and that makes it so much easier to integrate Google Analytics into your website because instead of pasting the code from your Google Analytics account into every single page, you can download a plugin, add your code […]

Are You In The Google Index?

The first step to getting found online is making sure you are in the Google Index. Being in the Google Index is like having your card in the catalogue index of a library so that when someone goes searching for what your book (or to be specific, web page) is about, you are at least […]

What Would Happen If Your Web Guy Got Hit By A Bus?

It’s highly unlikely your WordPress web developer will actually get hit by a bus if only because they rarely, if ever, leave their desk! But seriously, what would happen to your WordPress website if the geek who currently looks after it for you didn’t answer their phone? This really does happen to business owners who hadn’t given […]

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