WordPress And Performance

5 Problems With WordPress

5 Problems With WordPress “…Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” Dean Kamen “There are problems with WordPress” This statement is given by some when deciding how to deliver their online presence. But as business owners, need to be able to publish their…

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WordPress Update 5.0 – Gutenberg

Gutenberg printing press

WordPress Update 5.0 – Included Gutenberg “I owe all my knowledge to the German inventor, Johannes Gutenberg!” Mehmet Murat Ildan WordPress Update 5.0 With the inclusion of Gutenberg arrives – first impressions. Possibly the biggest change that any of us can really recall to the WordPress Core appeared in your Dashboard on 6 Dec 2018. The…

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WordPress: Should You Turn Off Automatic Updates?

WordPress Automatic Updates Turn Off

WordPress: Should You Turn Off Automatic Updates? “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency… …the second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency” Bill Gates Isn’t it Simply Fabulous!! WordPress Will Now Update Your Software…

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Does It Really Matter If My Website Is Slow?

Slow Wordpress Site Speed Can Affect Your Business

What Does A Slow Website Mean For Your Business? “…waiting for a website to load is no different from waiting in line for a delicious slice of pizza. We want that pizza now. And if it takes too long to get that slice, we’ll walk out the door and find somewhere else to eat.” Searchenginejournal.com…

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3 Plugins to Clone Your Website

Clones website sheep

Top 3 Plugins To Clone Your WordPress Website “…Back up everything! You are not invulnerable. Catastrophic data loss can happen to you – one worm or Trojan is all it takes.” Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnik is an American computer security consultant, author, and hacker, best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest and later five years…

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Website Backups | Are Yours As Safe As You Thought?

World Backup Day website Backup

Are Your Website Backups Keeping You As Safe As You Think? You’ve Done the Backups, But What Does That Get You? The backup’s been done and a little email arrives with your website files attached.  YAY! You’re safe.  All is well. If anything happens, your theme breaks or you get hacked all you need to…

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WordPress vs Wix 2017

WordPress vs Wix comparison article

There is a lot of noise online around the difference between a website builder like Wix and WordPress, and we don’t want to just add to it. What we’ve done in this post is pick what we think is the best article out there because it deftly outlines the different features of WIX vs WordPress…

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How Choosing A Good Password Can Save Your WordPress Site


Some vulnerabilities can be avoided by good security habits. The first element of this is passwords: do not use any name, do not use a dictionary word (from any language), or a string of numbers as your password. The ideal password is at least 8 characters long and contains one or more capital letter, lower…

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