Does It Really Matter If My Website Is Slow?

What Does A Slow Website Mean For Your Business?

Slow WordPress Site Speed Can Affect Your Business

“...waiting for a website to load is no different from waiting in line for a delicious slice of pizza. We want that pizza now. And if it takes too long to get that slice, we’ll walk out the door and find somewhere else to eat.”

WordPress site speed can affect how visitors interact with your website.

As people using the internet, we have become very impatient when we are online and we want everything NOW!

Recent studies by Kiss Metrics suggest the average time that we are prepared to wait for a page to load is 2 seconds.

Not very long.

A single-second delay in page response can result in a 7% drop in subsequent conversions.

Less conversations means less sales which means a reduction in your bottom line.

So what does this mean for your business?  Well, it could mean that a visitor leaves your site before even discovering what you have to offer.  Or that they get so frustrated trying to add items to their shopping cart that they just leave the shopping basket and go somewhere else.

Research also suggests that a slow website can affect the credibility and trust factor people will afford you.  It may seem far fetched that a slow website can make you seem a bit 'dodgy', but it's just human nature.

WordPress site speed can affect how Google interacts with your website.

And it's not only about people being affected, Google and other search engines are very keen on fast websites.

Websites or pages that are slow to load can affect how, and where you show up in the search engines, and therefore how many people can find and visit your website.

This can happen because if people keep landing on your pages, get frustrated with the speed that they load at and leave, without progressing any further (your bounce rate) the search engines could view your page as non-relevant and demote you down the results pages.

WordPress site speed can affect how Third Party Services interact with your website.

If you have a shopping cart and a payment gateway on your website, the third party software that takes the payments often demands very fast page speeds to process the sale properly.  If your site isn't speedy enough, the sale doesn't complete and you may not even be notified about the dropped transaction.

Sales falling out directly affects your bottom line.

Slow Websites Can Mean Lost Sales

For example:

A WordPress eCommerce site that has 3000 visitors a month with just 1% of them who buy and spending an average of £500 each means 30 sales of £500 which is worth £15,000 per month.

Now suppose there was an issue with the speed that meant only a third of those visitors were prepared to put up with the issue, but also because of the speed issue were now only buying half as much.  You now have 1000 visitors with 1% buying at £250 which now means only 10 sales of £250,  £2,500 per month.  A reduction of £12,500 of sales in one month could be the difference between the business succeeding or closing its doors.

Next Steps

The next step is to check your actual website speed. Just because it loads quickly for you doesn't mean it loads at that speed for other visitors.

You can use the WordPress Speed Test tool we've posted below for you or arrange a free website review with us.

We've also included links to some articles for extra reading about WordPress Speed

Further WordPress Speed Reading

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