Don’t Let Out-Of-Date WordPress Plugins Put Your Business at Risk

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If you have a WordPress website, it's important to keep your plugins up to date. Out-of-date plugins can make your site vulnerable to security risks and attacks.

In this blog post, we'll explain why out-of-date plugins are a problem and what you can do to protect your website.

WordPress Plugins are pieces of software that extend the functionality of WordPress. They are developed by third-party developers and are freely available for anyone to use. There are thousands of plugins available, and they can be used to add almost any type of functionality to a WordPress site.


While plugins are a great way to add extra features to your website, they can also create security vulnerabilities. That's because as WordPress evolves, so do the security threats that target it. When a new threat emerges, WordPress releases an update that address the issue. However, these updates only work if they're applied to all aspects of the WordPress ecosystem, including plugins.

In some cases, outdated plugins can be exploited to gain access to the back end of a website where sensitive information is stored. In other cases, attackers can use outdated plugins to inject malicious code into a website, which can be used to redirect visitors to another site or display unwanted advertisements.

To protect your website from these types of threats, it's important to keep all aspects of WordPress up to date, including plugins, themes, and core files.

Unfortunately, some plugin developers don't keep their plugins up to date with the latest WordPress security updates. This leaves websites using those plugins open to attack. If the developer isn't updating the plugin, then you may need to find an alternative.

A good place to start is the repository of WordPress plugins.  It's important to note that just because you find a plugin here, doesn't mean it's recommended or kept up to date.

You can check the listing for:

●     the last update
●     if it's been tested with the latest version of WordPress
●     how many users it has
●     how well the developer responds to requests for support.

Ensure the plugins and theme you are using on your site are being regularly updated by the developer; and secondly, ensure that as soon as the plugin developer introduces a new update, that you implement that in your own website.

It is possible to set the WordPress core to update automatically, but if you don't check the functionality and update your theme and plugins at the same time, your site could stop working, or be vulnerable.

wordpress plugin repository

Updating Your Own WordPress Theme and Plugins

Your WordPress dashboard will show you which plugins are out of date and let you update.

WordPress updates outstanding

It's critical you back up your site BEFORE you carry out updates.  That way if your site does 'break' you can restore it to the last backup to investigate and repair.


Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is important for security reasons. Outdated plugins can make your site vulnerable to attack. It's important to regularly check your site for outdated software and carry out updates or find a suitable alternative as soon as possible, and only after you have backed-up.

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