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Common WordPress Website Fixes

  • You go to your domain and instead of a website you have a white screen
  • 404 and Server 500 errors
  • Images, video and other content not showing up properly, or not showing up at all
  • Your members can't log in to the website, or get content they've paid for
  • Payments are failing
  • Shopping Carts not working
  • 'Click to Call' and other mobile features failing
  • Page layouts are broken
  • Broken links
  • Emails not working (this is more an issue with your hosting and domain, but we still fix it)
  • Forms not appearing or collecting information
  • You can't log into your WordPress website dashboard
  • Locked out of your hosting
  • and far too many to mention....

Get Started Fixing My WordPress Website

  • A non-refundable payment of £75 + VAT is needed to get us started and to cover 1-hour of work on your WordPress website.  This time includes collecting details from you and importing onto our backup systems.
  • 70% of problems can be fixed in that time, and if that's possible for your website then we will carry out the works and give you a report detailing what we've done and if anything else is recommended to make it stable for the future.  The repair may only be a sticking plaster and we can't offer a guarantee that it won't break again.
  • If we can't fix it within the hour, we will give you a report of recommendations and an estimate of how long, and how much it will cost to repair.
  • The repair hourly rate is £75 + VAT although if you decide to take a WordPress care plan (basic cost is £75 + VAT per month) then we can offer you our client rate of £50 + VAT per hour. We monitor our time by the minute and so you only pay for the work we do.
  • If you decide to go ahead with the repair, works will start after you have made a 50% deposit of the estimated cost.
  • When the repair is complete we will give you a report on the cause and our remedial actions.


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Can't See What You Need?

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