Terms & Conditions

Google Business Profile Services

These Terms are to be used with the general terms and conditions.

The client agrees that Stormchasers may change their listing as it deems necessary in order to improve their ranking within Google Business Listings.

Stormchasers will use its best efforts to optimise the client’s listing within Google Business Profile but is not responsible for any outcome, either positive or negative.

The Google Business Profile is on a third party application and although Stormchasers will follow the rules governing usage the final interpretations on these rules is by the third party.

The client must monitor emails for updates from Google about suggested edits to their profile and advise Stormchasers about any notifications asap.

The client must provide Stormchasers with timely information to enable us to construct and publish images and posts using the Pro-forma gathering process unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

All images and artwork, and relevant usage rights are the responsibility of the client, even if they are sourced by Stormchasers.

The client remains responsible for all content that is posted on their Google Business Listing.

Stormchasers will provide a monthly performance report and whilst the information is gathered and presented in good faith, the client understands that reporting tools are not infallible and that errors can occur.

General Terms & Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions can be found here

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