GDPR Resources For Your Website Compliance

GDPR Resources to Help With Your Website Compliance

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“...Senselessly pontificating about things does not get anything done, doing something about it does.”

Murad S. Shah

Yes GDPR is dull, but it's part of running a business so might as well just get it done!

We are so sorry we can't make this any more interesting, but we can't because GDPR really is boring.

On the plus side, it's a really good idea.  Regardless of the legislation, compliance with GDPR often leads to a really nice approach to dealing with prospects and clients.

We've put together a few resources to help you get it sorted out but before we send you off there,  resources, link from the Privacy Policy specialists we use iubenda - what they do is help you create a Privacy Policy based on the integrations and activities you already have on your website.

If you would like us to set that up and generate the policy for you, and publish it on your website, the cost will be £99 + vat and that includes your software for the year.  For more details, call 01634 566321 or  Contact Us

We do need to put a bit of a disclaimer in here.  We've provided the information below as the different views of people we think are in the know.  That doesn't mean if you follow all the advice you're going to be fine.  Everyone has different circumstances and we are not lawyers. If you have any doubts at all, then you should seek specialist advice for yourself.

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