Google Analytics

Google's Analytics tool is offered by Google to allow owners of websites and mobile apps to track and get reports on web traffic.  Google Analytics is now possibly the most widely used analytics service on the Internet.

The principles of using Google Analytics:

  1. Make the plan
  2. Implement the plan
  3. Test the theory
  4. Measure the outcome
  5. re-align the message
  6. Smooth the journey
  7. Improve the Return on Investment
Googles Analytics tool

Who Is This For?

Google Analytics helps businesses who need to know their marketing ROI.

Google Analytics allows you to look at the following:

  • Advertising and campaign performance
  • Audience characteristics and behaviour
  • Cross-device and platform measurement
  • Data collection and management
  • Sales and conversions

You had a website made to a plan, now measure the structure of that website to check that it is achieving it's intended purpose.  Having Google's Analytics tool in place enables you to:

  • Automatically collect data
  • Create custom reports to fit your needs
  • Know why visitors are leaving
  • Get a picture of your visitor's age & gender
  • Know which social platforms to spend time on
  • What website content are your visitors consuming
  • Measure the achievement of your website goals
  • Do your most visited pages have a call to action?
  • Compare marketing campaigns

Google Analytics Services

Stop putting money into marketing that doesn't work.  Understand what is working and do more of that!

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics training for businesses in Kent.  Get yourself, your staff or Digital Manager up to speed.

Can I Use Google Analytics To Measure My Social Media?

As long as your social media campaigns are driving traffic to your website, you can, and indeed should, be measuring the visitor journey with Google Analytics.

Can I Use Google Analytics To Improve My Website?

Google Analytics can tell you how fast your pages are loading; what devices your visitors are using and the path they are taking through the website. We show you how to use this data to improve the results your business achieves through its website.

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Nyamka Hughes
Absolutely the best company I’ve worked for, you will not find better people than Sian and Mark! Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me!
Nyamka Hughes
Alexandra Campbell
Mark trained me in understanding Google Analytics not long after I started my blog, The Middlesized Garden. Although I don't have any kind of a technical or math background, he made it easy to understand. It meant I could analyse who was reading the blog and what they wanted from it, and I was therefore able to continue to develop it in the right direction. So understanding how Google Analytics works has been a huge part of the blog's success. The Middlesized Garden had over half a million views in February 2021 alone, and over four million views in 2020, with a large amount of that traffic coming from Google search. Without Mark's training, I believe it's unlikely that I'd have seen figures on that scale.
Alexandra Campbell
Zoe Cairns
As always a brilliant service from Stormchasers Digital. Mark is top of his game when it comes to Google, techy stuff, security and maintaining websites! Mark has helped me with all the techy stuff and explained it in simple terms when designing and building my new Zoe Cairns website. Mark has then hosted, launched and now maintaining my site! I would highly recommend Stormchasers Digital to anyone I know! Mark knows his stuff!! Thank you so much for helping me get the Zoe Cairns website finally out there!
Zoe Cairns

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