Google Local Search

Show Up On Google Local Search

When you set up with a Google Business Profile, you are making it easier for customers using local search to find the information they need about your business online:

  • opening hours
  • contact information-address, email and phone number
  • directions
Google Local Search

Your Next Customer

Could Be Just One Click Away

Be Found Across Devices

Allow potential customers to find your business on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.  No matter if they are searching at home, out and about, or switching between devices, your customers will be given the same reliable information about your business.

Control Everything From One Dashboard

From your Google Business Profile dashboard, you can monitor your analytics, your business reviews on Google and add posts on to your Business Page.

How Long Does It Take?

That really depends on where your business is right now.  If you are starting from scratch it will be easier to build up the profile, with nothing to potentially unpick.  The process is as follows.

Initially, we establish the status of any existing listing, either claimed or unclaimed.

The next step is to build a complete listing profile and seek out any inconsistencies or duplications in entries across the leading directories.

The setup process depends on what we find in the initial investigation.

It can take three months to get your business set up with all the right information in all the right places to ensure that you have the most significant boost to be found in local search.

Professional ongoing listings in directories such as Google Local Search, Google Maps, and Apple Maps is an ongoing monthly process.

Ready to find out more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Google Business Profile is a complement to your existing website giving your business a public identity and presence on Google. It is possible for the information that you provide about your business to appear on Google Search and Maps.

If your business needs a door to be opened for a transaction to take place; either customers come to your location, or you go to theirs, then being found in Google Local Search is going to be a huge asset for your business.

Yes, your Google Business Profile allows you to keep your address off the listing, which you might want to do if you work from home.

Your Google Business Profile allows you to set an area that you cover as a business, i.e. your postcode plus local towns and cities.

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