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Google Local Search / Google My Business

Show Up On Google Local Search

Your next customer could be no more than a simple click away. When you set up with Google My Business, you are making it easier for customers to find the information they really need about your business online:

  • opening hours
  • contact information -address, email and phone number
  • directions

Be Found Across Devices

Allow potential customers to find your business on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.  No matter if they are searching at home, out and about, or switching between devices, your customers will be given the same reliable information about your business.

Control Everything From One Dashboard

From your Google My Business dashboard, you can monitor your Google Analytics, your Google AdWords campaigns, your business reviews on Google and add posts on to your Google+ Business Page.

Who Is This For?

If your business needs a door to be opened for a transaction to take place; either customers come to your location or you go to theirs, then being found in Google Local Search is going to be a huge asset for your business.

Can I Use Google My Business But Not Show My Address?

Yes, Google My Business allows you to keep your address off the listing, great if you work from home.

How Do I Use Google My Business If I Visit My Clients?

Google My Business allows you to set a radius that you cover as a business, i.e. your postcode plus 50-mile radius.

How Much Does It Cost?

Initially, there needs to be an investigation into whether or not the business already has a listing, either claimed or unclaimed.  We then need to construct a complete listing on Google My Business and look at any inconsistencies or duplications in entries across the main directories and correct these.

This setup process is from £425 depending on what is found in the initial investigation.

It can take 3 months to get your business setup with all the right information in all the right places to ensure that you have the biggest boost to being found in local search.

To then ensure that the business is placed in all the correct directory listings so it can be found on Google Local Search, Google Maps and Apple Maps is an on-going monthly process which costs £65 p/m.

How Does My Business Look?

Why not let us check how your business turns up and report back to you?

There’s no charge!

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