Hair Salon Website Recovery and Redesign

What's The Story?

What's The Story?

The details of this salon are not being made public at this time, and we have obscured the name on the images. 

This is because we are hoping we can help them to recover the payment they made to the original developer.  Whilst much of the work, such as design, layout, and colours is subjective, there are certain elements which we believe means the site was not fit for purpose, and we are building a case to support them demonstrating this.

If you want to talk to them about their experience of working with us, we can introduce you. 

The owners of a brand new hair salon in Kent called on us for help.  As a new business, they needed a website and had contacted a developer who had been recommended to them.

The recommendation and the nice looking website of the developer meant they felt confident enough to pay the full amount up front.

They also needed a domain name, new email addresses and guidance about creating their first website and felt confident they were in safe hands.

Before they knew it, a new website had been launched on their domain. However, they only knew this had happened when customers started complaining about the wrong telephone number on the website.

Potential customers could find the new site because the domain name was on their leaflets, the shopfront and had been linked up to their Facebook Page.

However, they were very unhappy...and this is when they asked us for help.

This is what they told us...

  • They hated the design
  • It didn't match their brand colours
  • The phone number was wrong
  • The images and pricing tables didn't look right on the page
  • They hadn't been consulted about content. The developer found their Instagram account, downloaded a few images and made up some written copy
  • Some of the content still included place-holder text
  • They were struggling to get the developer to answer his phone
  • When they did manage to talk to him, despite the full upfront payment and lack of consultation, they would be charged for amendments
  • Some of the text overlapped and the chosen fonts did not match the brand

When we took over and started looking at the more technical aspects of the website we found a few more problems.

  • The developer had not registered the domain correctly to their business.
  • They didn't know or have the login details for the website hosting account.
  • The hadn't been given the login details for the website itself, so they couldn't make any changes
  • The site had not been secured and was left vulnerable.
  • Instead of a professional email address, the business email was a hotmail address which included numbers and was being displayed on the website.
  • The source of some images weren't known and there were concerns about breaches of copyright
  • The site had not been configured for mobile devices. On the pricing tables, the service was displayed on a different screen to the price; most of the page was a long row of pictures; the contact details and opening times weren't visible
  • The necessary legalities such as a Cookie Policy were not included

...and performance problems!

The website was working so slowly that anyone visiting was likely to give up and leaave before they reached any of the details about the salon.

What Did We Do?

First, we created a staging site to build a new website which they could view during the build process.  We used a well-coded theme to address the speed issues.  Between us, we decided that to speed up the process we would source images to represent their speciality colour services. Only when they were thrilled with the new site was it approved as launch ready.

We managed negotiated with the domain registrar to get control of the domain name which meant they would not have the hassle and extra expense of a new domain and marketing materials.

Their new website is fully optimised for mobile, it's a simple, classy design which also matches their brand colours.

We provided them with all of the account login details they need. While they have decided to let us manage it all for them, it's important they have full control and can access their domain name, website hosting and the Administration panel of their website.

We've included some screenshots of the new site and we hope you like the difference as much as they do, but some of the key improvements are behind the scenes and we are honoured they have trusted us to make these for them after their initial unpleasant experience.


The New Website

Salon Website (1)
Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.03.01
Salon WordPress Pricing Table
Salon pricing table