The Innovation Centre is the flagship office complex for businesses. It's an incubator for developing small business who are approaching their operation with the innovative approach Medway has identified as being critical for success in today's economic climate.

All organisations need to be mindful of their reputation, but for a local authority, this is especially important.  Many organisations and people, such as TV personalities are open to public scrutiny and the little peccadilloes that often happen out in the online arena, and especially, social media are much harder to sweep under the carpet.

This means it has to be right first time.  All the time.

This needs to be juggled alongside the overall remit which is to support Medway and Kent businesses and to bring them closer to the information and resources they need to grow.

We have been proudly supporting the Innovation Centre for over 18 months now and we just love working with such an inspiring local authority.


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