Are you On Top of World BackUp Day?

World Backup Day

Most people have at some point lost some data that is important to them, and we are not talking about bank account information necessarily, it could be a copy of your CV.

So on the 31 March, it is World Backup Day, just to remind all of us how important it is to take a copy of all the files that we would be lost without.

What Would You Do If Your Laptop Was Stolen?

Not a cheery thought, but imagine your laptop was stolen.  Now imagine you could just stroll into a computer store and pick up a new one the same day.

Do you have all the software files to hand so you can reload your programmes on to a replacement?

Could you have everything up and running as if nothing had happened by the next morning?

And it's not just the data on our computers that can be an issue, what about all the images of the kids growing up, etc that you have stored on your phone?

Plus with a lot of smartphones now we have ten's maybe even hundreds of Apps downloaded, can you even remember the names of the ones on your phone?

Let alone the usernames and passwords that are stored in them and the other settings that we have changed to set them up the way we want them.

So if you lost your phone how much time would it take to visit the App store to find them, get them downloaded and then set up again?

When Did You Last Backup Your Data?

Last month I would not have asked you this question, as I was guilty of going nearly a year without backing up my software.

I had backed up my data but part of the backup process was missing, so I speak from experience.

I was surprised to find that I had just over 140 software programmes on my laptop and for some of them no idea where I would have to go to get a copy.

How Do I Backup My Devices?

A lot of phones can be backed up to your computer, indeed they can even do this automatically while they charge overnight, so phew that's one step taken care of.

Plus a lot of them hook directly to either your Google or iCloud account, so your photos and files can be covered.

As far as backing up your computer, or in most cases nowadays your computers, it is well worth speaking to an expert. Find the best option that covers everything for your budget and circumstances.

World Backup Day

So on World Backup Day 31 March why don't you all take a bit of time to make sure you're covered from the heartache of having to rebuild your technology empire from scratch, or at least a bit of it anyway.

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