Social Media Management Tools

How many social media management tools are out there - goodness me it must be thousands! We've included some we use, and others because they are free to get started so you can get some traction without having to spend too much money.

However, nothing is really free, so as soon as you need to add in more functions and click on the enticing little button only to find out that you've entered the paid zone then do have a look around and do some price comparisons.

Our advice is to be very clear about what features you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

Remember The Native Social Media Platforms

The main platforms themselves (which is what we mean by native) often have content scheduling - Twitter and Facebook Pages for instance.  They also have excellent metrics - Twitter has analytics and Facebook has Insights.

If you're starting out you don't want to be on every single social media platform going and it's best to start out on the one that is right for you and get comfortable with it before you start on anywhere else.

If you are hiring a social media strategist or manager, they will advise you and do the posting, metrics and possibly even the engagement for you as well.

Sendible Social Media Management


From £35 p per month

We have a 10% discount for you on this product and this is what we use.

Sendible comes into its own for easy support - you can talk on the phone - and for content curation and the depth of reporting.

Plus it posts to just loads of platforms.  There is a lot to learn here but it's worth it.  



From Free per month 

Simple to use and free forever as long as you don't want to do too much - but it's a great place to start and learn.