We just love supporting the Declutter Divas because their clients are absolutely lovely.  Their client base is drawn from all walks of life, business people, home bods, mums, dads, grannies. Sometimes, the clients are the hoarders, sometimes it’s their relatives who need some support regaining control.

It’s not all about hoarders though, sometimes it’s home or office clutter and some practical help is needed to tackle it efficiently.

As they are on the TV a lot, we always need to be mindful of responses and the sensitivity of some of the issues.  The Declutter Divas just love helping people, I mean really love it, and we make sure all of the technical stuff happens so their newsletter gets sent in a timely way and the feedback is monitored so we know it’s hitting the spot.

This is what the Declutter Divas had to say about working with Stormchasers…

“Sian has been working with our business for over 4 years and during that time, Sian has helped us to grow our business and individually be more confident. Sian is a terrific mentor to us both and really motivates you to think about what you are doing, where you want the business to go and how to get there. We have had excellent advice on how to market our business, sell ourselves, social media, business planning, researching ideas, and radio promotion and lots more. Sian goes that extra mile and we are so grateful for everything she has done for our business”.
Allyson and Zoe – The Declutter Divas – The Hoarder Next Door as seen on Channel 4 TV



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