We've been working with Kathryn Colas for over 3 years and in that time we've helped her build websites, manage her social media and develop membership systems so she can deliver her content to people who are dealing with the menopause, or the HR departments of large organisations who want to support their staff in the workplace and at home.

Kathryn is one of our band of consummate experts who need a variety of ways to engage with their audience and community and once again is dealing with sensitive subjects which are prone to misinterpretation.

One of our key principles when working with clients is to ensure they are empowered to meld what we help them to create with their everyday operations - and to have the choice to pay us to do the work, pass it to their employees or even do it themselves.  It's about choice and balance and we believe our work with Kathryn is a good example of how we've made that happen.  The perfect blend of techie and marketing implementation, supported with strategy and training.

A tricky balance with Kathryn has always been getting approach right for the main end users - the people dealing with the menopause (and that can of course be the menopausal woman, partners and other family members) and the corporate managers who need to support menopausal issues in the workplace, and of course demonstrate due diligence towards the health, safety and welfare of their staff.

Here is what Kathryn says about us...Aww shucks..

"I was looking for someone to help with the social media element of my business. Experts in this field are popping up all over the place and I came across Sian by accident and then others recommended her. We've done so much together, I'm enjoying the ride and Sian and Mark have taken my business to new heights, taught me how to create my own blogs and articles for maximum impact and then they post it all over social media quite effortlessly. They've always gone above and beyond their remit"

Kathryn Colas, The Menopause Lady



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