Website Creation Process

We are flexible, but there is a basic process we go through with you to create your new website.  This applies whether it is brand new or a re-design of an existing site.

The Brief

We start to get ideas from you about what you love, what you hate, the look, feel, style and functions we can include.  We may introduce you to ideas you hadn't thought about.  The main focus is going to be on what you want to achieve.

The Sitemap

Usually, we will create a sitemap at this stage so we know we are all talking about the same thing and have a visual representation for how the information will be displayed.

The Prototype

We start to develop your new website on a staging site.  This means that your existing website (if you have one) is still live and visible. The developments are happening on a website that only you and we can see.

The Design

If we are working hand in hand with a designer or brand specialist it is at this stage the design will start to take shape.  Imagery, colour and brand will start to appear.  If we are not using a designer we will start integrating your existing images or sourcing images with your that we feel will represent you and your business.

Before we launch, your new website is subjected to a rigorous check - read more here...


When we are happy with the look and feel, we go underground for a while to test all the buttons and functions and make sure it's all tickedy boo.  Then it's launch time and we move the finished site over onto your hosting and domain so it's visible to the world.

We will make sure you have all of the documentation and login details you need to be in total control of your website hosting, software, updates and domain name.

Management and Training

This is when it gets exciting because we have delivered to you the most amazing publishing platform on the planet.  The world really is in your hands as far as getting your business out there.  But that can also be a bit scary if you're worried about breaking what you've already got.

Not need to worry - you have a complete staging and practice site, with a full set of training videos for you to refresh your memory.  You can play about on your practice site without touching your real site at all.

Can't See What You Need?

Or if you're not sure these services cover your requirements, no problem