WordPress Emergency Service

Emergency 24/7 Support

Our team is located globally, so support is really 24/7 including weekends so if a crisis comes up, we'll handle it quickly.

Safe Procedures

We do a manual and automated comparison of your site both before and after we get stuck into your problems.

Weekly Updates

Our team is behind every emergency, putting out any fires and all details of your site are reported to you weekly.

Gutenberg Support

This may be an emergency, too! Help, I updated! Now what? We'll get you upgraded to the new editor avoiding any scary incompatibility issues.

Full Summary

Get transparency through every problem. We reach out and update you via email about any ongoing problem and we also provide a detailed weekly report.

Emergencies are by their very nature never planned. When your website was planned and put together did it enter the thinking process that it would go down or not function properly? Probably not!

Every piece of software installed on the server that you use must be kept up-to-date if you want your site to run smoothly. This is why you choose tools that have been created by trustworthy developers and designers who are accountable for their software and keep it updated on a regular basis.

Simply put more updates = fewer emergencies. Here are a few things we work on to prevent emergencies:

Security Patches

All code is highly susceptible to infiltration and infection, which is why, in Apps and other software, you’ll often see security updates issued for the purposes of patching bugs.

Performance Upgrades

Even if you’ve installed well-trusted and well-reviewed plugins and themes, performance can degrade over time as software or code becomes obsolete. Performance patches are issued to ensure that the software that makes up your WordPress website doesn’t have a negative effect on performance.

New Features

The web is still in its infancy and is always changing, which is why good developers (including those involved with WordPress itself) pay attention to changing trends. As things change, it’s crucial to keep software in line so that websites may continue to align with the modern user experience.

WordPress Updates

WordPress has automated some of its core updates-especially the more critical ones. The rest, however, it leaves to its millions of users to handle.

Without some close monitoring of your WordPress site, your visitors may be left confused when they come across a page that doesn't display properly or some broken functionality. This can lead to emergencies!

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