WordPress Hourly Rates

WordPress Hourly Rates

Do You Need To Book Ad-Hoc Care For Your WordPress Website?

WordPress Care

How We Work With You

  • Below are for example only, you may have a range of tasks you need doing and we will tell you which category they fall into.
  • We monitor by the minute and only charge pro-rata which means you only have to pay for the actual works.
  • An initial estimate will be given how long it will take and a 50% deposit is payable before works will start. If this is the first time we are working with you, the minimum payment will be one hour as we need to onboard you onto our security system.
  • The time we measure includes our initial precautions of backing up and cloning your website before we start making amendments.  This means it may be better to combine jobs together so we only have to do this one for each batch of work.


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WordPress Publishing And Management

Publishing posts and pages | changing menu layouts | altering existing text and adding new text| optimising images | taxonomic changes - category and tags...etc.

Hourly rate £35 + VAT

WordPress Updates, Maintenance, Investigation and Reporting

WordPress Build | Updating the design such as logos, colours and images | Fault finding and reporting

Hourly rate £50 + VAT

WordPress Repair and Development

Hacked Sites | Out of date plugins | hosting issues | SSL Certificate investigation | Theme repairs | loss of functionality with theme | advanced plugin implementation, configuration and problem solving, for example, Membership Learning Management Systems and Membership Sites | E-commerce payment gateway errors |complex speed and performance issues

Hourly rate £75 + VAT

WordPress Business Consultation

WordPress can go way beyond the functions you see on the front of the site to support and help you grow your business.  The myriad of plugins and add-ons have created amazing opportunities but can also create confusion.

If you have a business where you are considering offering online classes, membership, e-commerce options into your offering to expand your income streams, WordPress may have a business solution to make that happen.

However, there are questions which are frequently not asked and if the developer doesn't mention them, then they can emerge as a barrier after work has begun. For instance:

How long will the system take to implement?

What are the ongoing costs of both technical development and management time?

Will different hosting be needed?

Will my existing site speed and optimisation be good enough to deliver what is needed

In fact, the list is endless and it's based on your particular needs and what you want to achieve.  Our key objective when we sit with you is for you to understand the full implications and most importantly if there is a different route for you to achieve the same result - perhaps for a lot less money, time and frustration.

Hourly rate £125 + VAT

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More WordPress Services

WordPress Care Plans

Specialist WordPress Hosting and software updates, includes monthly security audit.

WordPress Training

WordPress training to fit your needs and budget. Video, one-to-one and corporate groups.

WordPress Publishing

From simple post and page publishing to complete content and site management.

WordPress Upgrades and Additions

Theme updates for a new look. Fancy functions like Directories, Booking Engines, Magazine and Newsletter integration, E-commerce, Membership and Learning Management Systems (LMS) - it's endless what you can do with WordPress!

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