Unleash the Full Potential of Your WordPress Website with Expert Management & Care Services for Optimal Performance

We understand your website is integral to your business, allowing your prospects and potential customers to find you online 24/7.

Keeping software up to date and your website secure and backed up is part and parcel of ensuring your visitors experience a positive interaction with your business every time.

There is a flat monthly charge for our WordPress Management Service. We can also tailor a plan to suit your budget and business if you have a website with custom-built themes, custom-built plugins, or advanced functionality such as e-commerce or membership sofware.


All Monthly WordPress Management Includes

Software Updates

We carry out any monthly updates to the WordPress core files, your Theme and your website's plugins.  In other words, we ensure that the software that makes your website do what it does is up-to-date and working.

Security Monitoring

We monitor your website's security, monitoring for software vulnerabilities, Malware and Web Trust.  Plus, we prevent suspicious uploads and lock out users trying to guess passwords.

Uptime Monitoring 24/7

If your website is down, it can be costly to your business. We monitor your website 24/7 to make sure it is up when you need it.

Performance Monitoring

A slow website significantly impacts your SEO and can lead to potential customers abandoning their visit and going elsewhere.


We can connect your analytics to our system and include your basic statistics in our report so you can quickly see if visits are up or down.

Woocommerce Sales

Is your shop showing a profit, and what is selling well?  It can all be in your report.

Additional Services

How We Can Help You

WordPress Admin Services

We can be your WordPress Admin doing tasks such as managing users, reconfiguring menus, updating your business information and integrating new functions.

Content Publishing

Let us publish your content, such as regular blog posts, new pages, products and events. Plus, we can integrate with your social media accounts and newsletter management.

Additional services could cover managing your e-commerce store, writing and publishing posts, administration of menus, users, newsletters - and anything to do with your website:

• Keep your WordPress website up to date and backed up
• Protect your website with security scans, including for malware
• Get help to create or edit posts, pages, menus, users and more
• Tailor a care plan that fits your needs and budget

The first step is for us to have a discussion to see how we can help you.

Please call 01634 566321 or fill in the discovery form.

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