WordPress Update 5.0 With the inclusion of Gutenberg arrives - first impressions.

Gutenberg blocks

Possibly the biggest change that any of us can really recall to the WordPress Core appeared in your Dashboard on 6 Dec 2018.

The first thing is - don't panic.  The WordPress community are always quick at identifying problems and rolling out updates that cure the issue.  Most importantly, for a lot of people, it is not necessary for you to use it and you are able to switch it off

We have tested some plugins that achieve this, we have linked to them on the plugin repository so you can check them out for yourself, and they are:

In our tests, we found that the Disable Gutenberg worked best with the Beaver Builder page builder and the associated plugins that we were using on our test site.  But you should test them with your WordPress build and make your own decision.

Remember if you add them all during your testing process, once you have identified the best for you delete the ones you don't need.

So what is Gutenberg?

In essence, other website builders like Wix and Squarespace were starting to get a bit of a drop on WordPress and short of the minefield of researching a page builder there wasn't an out of the box option that could put WordPress back in the game.

Essentially, once you get to grips with it, it is a better editor than the TinyMCE classic editor.

Using Gutenberg

If you want to understand how to use Gutenberg here are a couple of resources that can help you:

Alternately - you can Contact Us and we will happily arrange some training or you can pop along to our WordPress Academy and get some insights there.

We will also provide updates here as we do more testing and updates on the websites that we manage under our WordPress Care Plans.


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