WordPress Video Training

A collection of high-quality video tutorials, covering every aspect of using WordPress as an Editor. We use non-technical language and clear graphics that you will easily understand.


  • The Dashboard – This is a general overview of how your dashboard works.
  • The Admin Bar – How the admin bar works.

Getting To Know The Editor

  • The Toolbar – An overview of the different formatting icons inside the toolbar of a page or post.
  • Paste From Word – How to paste content into your page or post from a word document without having formatting issues.
  • Add A Heading – How to add a heading to your page or post.
  • Add A Paragraph – How to add a paragraph in your page or post using the kitchen sink toolbar.
  • Edit Text – How to edit or format the text contents of your page or post.
  • Hyperlinks – How to add an internal or external link to your website (3.1 styles!).
  • Lists – How to make a list on your page or post, and the difference between ordered lists and unordered lists.
  • Embed Video – How to embed a video directly to your page or post.
  • Distraction-Free Writing – The new distraction-free writing feature.
  • Revisions – The new revisions feature.


  • Add New Page – How to add a new page to your WordPress site.
  • Trash A Page – How to remove a post or page. Temporarily remove the post and send them all to the trash bin.
  • Restore A Page – How to restore a post or page after you have placed it in the trash.

Media Library

  • Media Library – The purpose of a Media Library, how it works and the important features.
  • Add Media – How to add or upload a media file from your computer to WordPress media section


  • Add New Post – This will teach you steps on how to add a new post to your WordPress site.
  • Categories – Overview of the purpose of categories.
  • Tags – The purpose of tags explained and how to make tags for each page or post.
  • Trash A Post – How to remove a post or page. Temporarily remove the post and store them all to the trash bin.
  • Restore A Post – How to restore a post or page after you have placed it in the trash.
  • QuickPress – How to use QuickPress.

Using Images

  • Add Image From Media Library – How to add an image to your page or post.
  • Add Image From Computer – How to add an image from your computer to a page or post.
  • Add Image From URL – How to add an image to your page or post from another website.
  • Delete Image- How to delete an image from your page or post.
  • Edit Image – How to edit an image whilst you're on your page or post. This includes alignment, title and more.
  • Replace Image – How to replace an existing image inside your page or post.
  • Image Editor – How to use the image editor and how to start editing an image.
  • Rotate and Flip Images – Overview of the editing icons and other functionality that will be useful in editing an image.
  • Crop and Scale Images – How to crop an image using the image editor
  • Featured Image – How to use the featured image.


  • Comments – Overview of the purpose of comments.


  • Link Categories – How to group your links.
  • Add Links – How to manage links from your website to another website.
  • Edit Links – How to add and edit links on your page or post.


  • Change Your Password – How to change your password.


  • Widgets.


  • Add a page to a menu
  • Move pages on a menu
  • Add a custom link to a menu

WordPress SEO by Yoast

  • General
  • Page Analysis
  • Social
  • Profile

WooCommerce Products

  • Product Overview
  • Add a product
  • Simple Product
  • Grouped Product
  • External Product
  • Variable Product
  • Downloadable Product

WooCommerce General

  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • Shipping Classes
  • Product Attributes
  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Coupons

Gravity Forms

  • Add A New Form
  • Form Editor
  • Form Settings
  • Form Entries
  • Form Preview

Beaver Builder

  • Starting the page builder
  • Page builder templates
  • Adding rows and columns
  • The heading module
  • Photo module
  • Separator module
  • Text editor module
  • Video module
  • Accordion module
  • Button module
  • Call to action module
  • Callout module
  • Contact form module
  • Icon group module
  • Icon module
  • Map module
  • Social buttons module
  • Tabs module
  • HTML module
  • Quickstart
  • Testimonials module

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