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WordPress - What Is It?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet, powering over 15 million websites. WordPress can not only run your website; it can run your business!

The millions of Plugins (coded applications) can be bolted onto a site can do everything from run a shopping cart, take bookings and manage your events to let you run a network of websites, discussion forums and directory listings for 1,000's of people in a community.

Much of WordPress's success is because it is open-source software which means that anyone can access the code and develop themes and plugins. It is this diversity which also means your WordPress website needs maintenance and updating to keep it secure from hackers who are also able to access the coding and to keep all of the different elements working harmoniously.

The WordPress primary coding, or Core, is updated every few weeks and the best plugins and themes will be amended by their developers to keep up. These amendments then need to be implemented on your website by carrying out updates.

Also, not all of the themes and plugins are updated by their developers to keep up with the WordPress Core updates, and not all of them are coded well enough in the first place to keep your WordPress website slick. Sometimes, even though everything is correctly coded, conflicts can arise between different plugins which can stop your site from working altogether.

There are three troublesome consequences of not keeping your website's WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins updated. Firstly the site can become very slow to load, preventing visitors reaching your information, and Google also penalises slow sites; parts or all of your website can stop working, and your site can become vulnerable to hackers.

Keeping everything updated and in sync, making sure you have the latest most appropriate plugins, optimising images and maintaining your website free of malware is a regular but necessary function and our hosting and maintenance services manage this for you.

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