Here's a little story about why we do what we do.

Stormchasers Digital WordPress Specialists

Ages ago Sian had a little blog (now sadly neglected) called SianScribbles.  This was was before we had ever thought of running our own business, let alone running a digital website agency.

This blog had simple images, some favourite pictures and just stories from everyday life. Really nothing fancy. No taking payments.  No data-bases.  Nothing anyone except Sian would place any value on.  Or so we thought.

Then one day Sian went to log in to write a post and instead of the pretty image usually on the front page of the little blog, there was a big red and black Skull and Crossbones.

At first, we assumed it was the wrong website, so we reloaded it. Still the skull.  We tried it on different computers. We went down to the local library and tried to look at it from there, but still the Skull.

Sian Scribbles had been hacked.

It was surprising how violating it felt and it still seems overdramatic to liken it to being burgled, but it really did feel horrid.  A pit in the stomach feeling.  Someone had broken into the back of our website, had a rummage around and impregnated it with something corrupt.

It was two days later when we got an email from some bloke who told us he had hacked into our site and that he had been able to do that because we hadn't taken the proper precautions to secure it.  He'd reinstated the blog, but next time we wouldn't be so lucky.

That was our lesson and it led us to our business today because we became red hot on WordPress security.

Stormchasers Digital was born.

Mark Jennings Technical Director

Mark Jennings is a Google Certified geek, WordPress Manager, problem solver and an all-round tech person.  He speaks about, teaches and implements WordPress, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for marketers and their clients.

Sian Murphy Managing Director

Sian Murphy is a radio show host for The Women In Business Radio show, publisher and writer.  She also works one to one with business owners to help them market and grow. Twitter, coffee, wine and food fanatic - and the order of their importance depends on the day!

Stormchasers Digital Team


Kent Creative Awards Interviewing

Today Stormchasers Digital is headed up by us, a husband and wife team, and we focus on making WordPress websites work.  Our ideal client has had their website for around 3 years and it's been fine up until now but it's time to improve on speed, perhaps add in some new functions, but basically, they are ready to get it looked after professionally.

Our approach is simple.  We only use specialist Security, Speed and Optimisation tools and protocols to enhance your website and not a 'party compendium pack' approach to WordPress Care.

We also have no-compromise values when we work with our clients...

  • No tie in. Our clients are with us because they want to be, not because they are obliged to stay.
  • You're in control. You have access to everything you need to be in total control of your website.  Nothing is hidden, it's your website, your business and you are in control.
  • We don't expect you to come to us knowing what the problem is. That's our job. No sucking in through our teeth. No jargon. No pulling the wool over your eyes. We explain things in your language until you get it, and we answer the phone.
  • It's so important to us that our clients trust us to tell you what's needed, how much it will cost and show you why. We always tell you how it is, regardless of how big your budget is.
  • You only pay for what you need.  Care packages start at a flat rate which covers keeping it secure and fast.  We allow for 20 minutes a month of repair time to pick up snagging during updates, but don't bundle in loads of time for repairs or improvements.  This is because some websites are simple whilst others have more complex elements and functions which need more studio time.

Sponsoring And Partnerships

Stormchasers Digital partner with, and sponsor, organisations within their local business community as well as globally.

Our overall philosophy is that there is enough business out there for everyone; what goes around comes around; and, if you can't do it brilliantly, then pass it on to someone who can.

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Kent Creative Awards Jury Panel with Sian Murphy


Medway Council Innovation Centre Business Hub

Sian and Stormchasers have been managing our Twitter account for over two years, and we’ve seen a massive increase in our followers since we started with less than 200.

We’re now connected with relevant and influential people, businesses and organisations which help us to be seen as an expert hub for local business.

Stormchasers also understand the issues facing local government when interacting on social media which means our reputation is in safe hands. They also don’t use jargon and are always easy to contact.

Farley Norman, Manager for Innovation Centre Medway & Innovation Studios Strood (Medway Council)

Kent County Council

“We commissioned Mark to develop a Marketing Plan to attract more customers to one of our websites. Mark provided a slick, tailored service to us, listening to our needs along the way and updating us as to progress. The plan was professional and clearly set out recommendations on how we could improve our site. We took away many actions, both quick-win and more involved, and would recommend Mark to others.” ~

Jennie Colville, Sustainable Business Programme Manager, Kent County Council

Lucy Hall, Founder Of Social Day and Avviso Media

The team at Stormchasers are incredibly helpful. They understand that your business online is important to your income and life and so make every effort to work with you quickly and efficiently and in my experience go above and beyond. Not only are they fast and professional but really friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Mark, Sian and team to anyone especially within the creative industries looking to take their business online. Or any businesses wanting to grow their business through digital media.

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