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We can be your WordPress 'Admin'

If it's taking too much time to publish your posts, pages and articles or make changes to your website, then we can do that for you.

Logging in, optimising images and formatting text is much simpler on WordPress than other platforms, and you don't have to be a webmaster, that's the beauty of WordPress.

But it can still get a bit tiresome so let us do that for you.

You write the content and let us organise and publish it for you.  We can make the images fit, add the alt text (which helps with SEO and for visitors that have vision problems, they have screen reading software that reads the alt text) and even publish it on your social media profiles as well.

If you are on one of our monthly WordPress Care Plans, then edits and adding new content you've created are included.

Talk to us about helping you create your content and if you want ad-hoc editing support.

How Does It Work?

For Ad Hoc publishing support, the cost is £35 + VAT per hour, and we monitor time by the minute, which means you can use the time you've bought when you're ready.

Use us to do the following for you:

  • Publishing blog posts
  • Changing text content
  • Changing the menu layout
  • Editing posts into categories and tags
  • Publishing blog content for social media
  • Newsletter compilation
  • Email list management and newsletter reporting
  • Sourcing images
  • Managing other content created by the client
  • Scheduling and reporting of social media posts and content
  • Amending social media profiles

Ask us about creating your content and copywriting services as well.

How Do I Know What You Can Achieve In The Time?

Initially, we will have a meeting with you to establish the type of tasks you need doing.

We also think it's essential to put together a system for us to get the information we need (such as the raw article) from you in a way that fits in with how you or your team, work.

We can then give you an idea of what we can achieve, how long it will take, and therefore what you should expect to pay.

You can then book and pay for an agreed number of hours, and we monitor how long it takes us to get the job done for you. 

You will get a report of what we've completed, and how long it took.

There is no contractual period, and you are free to cancel the service at any time.

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Nyamka Hughes
Absolutely the best company I’ve worked for, you will not find better people than Sian and Mark! Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me!
Nyamka Hughes
Alexandra Campbell
Mark trained me in understanding Google Analytics not long after I started my blog, The Middlesized Garden. Although I don't have any kind of a technical or math background, he made it easy to understand. It meant I could analyse who was reading the blog and what they wanted from it, and I was therefore able to continue to develop it in the right direction. So understanding how Google Analytics works has been a huge part of the blog's success. The Middlesized Garden had over half a million views in February 2021 alone, and over four million views in 2020, with a large amount of that traffic coming from Google search. Without Mark's training, I believe it's unlikely that I'd have seen figures on that scale.
Alexandra Campbell
Zoe Cairns
As always a brilliant service from Stormchasers Digital. Mark is top of his game when it comes to Google, techy stuff, security and maintaining websites! Mark has helped me with all the techy stuff and explained it in simple terms when designing and building my new Zoe Cairns website. Mark has then hosted, launched and now maintaining my site! I would highly recommend Stormchasers Digital to anyone I know! Mark knows his stuff!! Thank you so much for helping me get the Zoe Cairns website finally out there!
Zoe Cairns

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